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Works on Book Covers

Vintage images and contemporary vistas

The Ladybird Collection

From an early age, Jayson had a love-hate relationship with books. As a dyslexic, he struggled with reading at school, but found a love for the tactile and illustrative aspects of books. This collection draws upon his childhood love of Ladybird books, updating the classic book covers with vibrant modern imagery.

The A-Z Collection

When Jayson first moved from his quiet home-town in Devon to the bustling streets of London, an A-Z was practically indispensable. Jayson reflects on the modest map as a way to explore and experience the city in this collection, updating these vintage maps with contemporary skylines and bursts of luminous colours.

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For details of prices, local stockists or any other enquiries, please get in touch


Works from this collection are currently available from the following galleries:


Ladybird Collection:

Enter Gallery, Brighton

Select Gallery, London

Smithson Projects, Bristol

A-Z Collection:

Select Gallery, London

Smithson Projects, Bristol

Please contact your local gallery to check the availability of works.

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