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British artist Jayson Lilley is a master of contemporary printmaking, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression by seamlessly blending painting, collage, and mark-making techniques in his awe-inspiring cityscapes. With an unparalleled ability to merge the precision of screen printing with fluid gestures, Lilley infuses his landscapes with vibrant energy and vitality.

Over the past 15 years, Lilley has emerged as an internationally recognised figure in printmaking, with his works represented  throughout the UK and Europe, and in collections such as Cartier, John F Kennedy Airport,and Kings College Hospital.

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Works on Paper

Jayson Lilley's most recognisable works, this collection captures some of the world's most iconic city skylines and recognisable landscapes against vast and vivid skies.


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Works on Book Covers

Lilley's recent collection on vintage Ladybird Books combines a childhood nostalgia for these classic books with contemporary graphic imagery.

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Works on Maps

Lilley's works on maps are a reflection of his many journeys through his favourite cities - sometimes planned, but often stumbling upon breathtaking vistas by chance. A city's hills are an irresistible invitation for Lilley, forever in search for his next favourite view.

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Works on Bank Notes

Lilley's highly collectible works on bank notes trace the changing face of the city, as buildings and neighbourhoods receive or loose investment, skylines change, and the pound grants or denies access to parts of the landscape.

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